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Hosting by the Webmasters

Hosting and Support for you business critical web applications.

Dedecated Maneged Linux and Microsoft Servers

We do more than just run the security pathes

Microsoft Server Support

Our team of experienced tecns now office, exchange, hpperviser and more

Data Backup

Your data is always safe with us.

Software Installation

Do you need hosting software for your application? No Problem.

Email and Support

Setup and Configuration for Office 365,Rackspace,AWS and more.

Cloud Architecture

Consulting services for Office 365, ASW, Salesforce, and other cloud providers.


Chose the hosting and cloundsupport option that is the right fit for your organization.


/ month

  • Shared Server Space
  • 5 hrs dedicated support time per year
  • Basic SEO

/ month

  • All features of basic plan, plus
  • Micorsoft Application and Server Support
  • 10 hrs dedicated support time per year
  • Enhanced SEO and backlinks
  • 10 One domain Email box

/ month

  • All features of small business plan
  • Dedicated IP Address and VMs
  • First 20 hrs dedicated support time per year inlcuded.

Custom Hosting Solution

If you're looking for Web hosting for your new online system we provide great service and support. Our servers run the fastest storage arrays, powered by solid state hard drives with RAID for top reliability. Our combination of dedicated hardware and cloud solutions provide the ideal hybrid solutions for your ognaization.

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Cloud asolutions for Enteripse Document Managment Software

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Web Hosting

Web hosting is the process of renting space on the a server for your website or web application. Website content such as HTML, CSS, and images have to live on a server to be viewable by others looking for your website. If you are running an online system, a quality web hosting provider is vital to your orgainzation. There are many web hosting comanyies available providing a wide range of services. Plans range from almost free with limited options to dedicated web hosting services\support. If you're new to websites, web hosting and support can be an obscure topic. Many sites operate just fine with a limited plan, higher traffic sites and those with more complicated sysetms need a more robust hosting solution.


Hosting and the domain

You first must purchase your domain from a Register like GoDaddy. Once you have a domain and build your website, it must "live" on a server that can be reached by the entire world. This is hosting.


Microsoft IT Support

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